Manku Kapak was an emo band from Bremen (North Germany). Existed from summer 2009 - beginning of 2015. It began as a dream& became more than music. It was a part of our lifes. Just some fools looking for shelter with a suitcase full of dreams& questions...

Editing hompages is a boring thing and there are many things that ar more important than doing that. so for news or more (and more personal) information please write us a mail to tahini[at] or visit us on facebook

Breaking up needs a farewell. The breaking of chains of the habitual& the daily. The removal of shackles of the familiar& the tried& trusted. Breaking up to discover new horizons. Breaking up!


03.01.15 Leipzig - Atari /with Torpedo Holiday, Reasonist

02.01.15 Nuernberg - P31 /with Torpedo Holiday, Short Story Sports

30.12.14 Darmstadt - Oetinger Villa /with Torpedo Holiday

29.12.14 Rastatt - Art Canrobert /with Torpedo Holiday, Snakes and Lions

28.12.14 Mannheim - JuZ /with Torpedo Holiday, I Refuse, Masada

27.12.14 Koeln - Privat /with Torpedo Holiday, Uragano

26.12.14 Hamburg - FS115 /with Torpedo Holiday

02.03.14 Münster - Baracke /with Sleep Kit

01.03.14 St. Ingbert - Juz /with Mnmnts, Geraniüm, Paramnesia, Sleep Kit

28.02.14 Würzburg - Kellerperle /with Dearest, 52 Hertz

12.10.13 Offenbach - Kommune 2010 /with Torpedo Holiday

11.10.13 Maastricht (NL) - OHP9 /with Torpedo Holiday

10.10.13 Solingen - Waldmeister /with Torpedo Holiday

09.10.13 Rastatt - Art Canrobert /with Torpedo Holiday

08.10.13 Tübingen - Epplehaus /With Torpedo Holiday, Afterlife Kids, Henry Fonda

07.10.13 Graz (AT) - Sub /with Torpedo Holiday, Hausmeister

06.10.13 Wien (AT) - Venster99 /with New Shit has come to light

05.10.13 Dresden - Lärche /with Torpedo Holiday

04.10.13 Halle - Reil78 /with Torpedo Holiday, Malve

03.10.13 Berlin - Tiefgrund /with Torpedo Holiday, Tigeryouth, Flyktpunkt

30.07.13 Hamburg - Astra Stube /with Leitkegel

25.07.13 Rokycany (CZ) - FluffFest /with you all

24.07.13 Leipzig - Erythrosin

23.07.13 Leisnig - AJZ /Fluff Warm-up with We came out like tigers, Continents, Todo para Todos, Förster

11.05.13 Cuxhaven - Döser Börse /with Killbite

10.05.13 Neumünster - KDW/with Confusing World

09.05.13 Kiel - Schaubude /with Käfer K

12.04.13 Bremen - G18 - /with The Blue Screen of Death, Torpedo Holiday

24.03.13 Berlin - Subversiv /with Mülheim Asozial, Flyktpunkt, Lambs

23.03.13 Plzeň (CZ) - Kapsa /with Clovekok

22.03.13 Ansbach - 13eins /with Die Hitchhikers, Die Elende Bande, Spatz mit Knarre

21.03.13 München - Stattpark Olga

20.03.13 Graz (AT)- Sub /with Feralus

18.03.13 Leverkusen - KAW /with Uzeda

17.03.13 Mannheim - Juz /with Strong as ten

16.03.13 Schwerte - Rattenloch/with Willy Fog, Favorit Parker, Poweryoga

15.03.13 Lüneburg - Anna & Arthur /with Torpedo Holiday, Chuck Bass

02.03.13 Neunkirchen - Juz/at "This is for the Kids Fest" with Wind und Farben, Kotzreiz etc.

01.03.13 Frankfurt - Raumstation/with Wind und Farben

17.11.12 Darmstadt - Oetinger Villa/with Jan.Tenner, Native und Dana.Plan

16.11.12 Köln - Aetherblissement/with Mio, Jan.Tenner

03.11.12 Berlin - Subversiv/at Zinefist with Landverraad, Fluxkompensator

02.11.12 Braunschweig - Nexus/with Alte Neue Tricks, We Now Walk

18.08.12 Zittau - Emil/with Willy Fog

18.08.12 Berlin - livingroomshow/

17.08.12 Cheb - Jazz Rock Cafe/with Willy Fog

16.08.12 Praha - Chapeuau Rouge/with Palahniuk

14.08.12 Passau - Zakk

13.08.12 Mannheim - Juz

11.08.12 Reutlingen - Zelle/with Some Living und Smalltown Rockets

10.08.12 Enschede - Enjoy the crisis/

06.07.12 Hamburg - Loss of Breath Fest at Rote Flora /with many awesome bands

25.05.12 Neumünster - AJZ /with Wind und Farben, Krawehl

28.04.12 Döbeln - Club Rohtabak /with todo para todos, pete is drunk

26.04.12 Bremen - MS Stubnitz /with Cough Drops, Merida, Brazen Faced

08.04.12 Hofheim in Unterfranken - Ballhaus /with short story sports

07.04.12 Berlin - Scharni38 /with The Destroyed Room + Thoughts Paint The Sky + In the Event of Fire

06.04.12 Hamburg - FS115 /with The Destroyed Room

31.03.12 Marburg - Trauma /with Ashes of Pompeii, Hector Savage

05.01.12 Hamburg - Astrastube /with Paan

16.12.11 Enschede - The Loch /with Quittez Spectre, hauke henkel

03.12.11 Osterholz-Scharmbeck - KUZ /with Bricks & Shells

01.11.11 Bremen - JFH Farge /with your neighbour the liar, bail, hauke henkel

28.08.11 Hamburg - Rote Flora /with tyran tyran, syn*error

27.08.11 Bremen - G18 /with tyran tyran, Coup D'Etat, reznik syndrom, komma8komma1

26.08.11 Lübeck - veb /with, Coup D'Etat, reznik syndrom

06.08.11 Bremen - Probenraum Kap-Hornstraße /with offshore, jonas the band

02.07.11 Kiel - Alte Meierei /with mikrokosmos23

14.06.11 Bremen - JFH Farge /with tigeryouth, in the green tank

13.06.11 Magdeburg - Riff /with tigeryouth

12.06.11 Forst(Lausitz) - Buntes Haus /with tigeryouth, Goldust, Deathrite

11.06.11 Berlin - Subversiv /with tigeryouth, Tyran Tyran

10.06.11 Lübeck - Veb /with tigeryouth, Krach

03.06.11 Bremen - Kinderzimmer /with i found myself in austin texas, emilia ester

05.03.11 Wilhelmshaven - Freizeitzentrum-Nord /with black everest, laatste halte

29.01.11 Berlin - Scherer8 /with guts & guns, rebarker

06.11.10 Bremen - Freizi Alt-Aumund /with offshore, madloft, in the green tank

13.11.10 Bremen - JFH Farge /with captain planet, syn*error, black everest

01.10.10 Hamburg - Rote Flora /with syn*error, austin.texas

14.08.10 Bremen - Neuland /with Zodiac, Minion, Crude Justice, FSK18 u.a.

06.08.10 Bremen - G18 /with respect my fist, tigeryouth

27.05.10 Hamburg - FS115 /with Wendy, Jan Tenner

31.03.10 Bremen - Sielwallhaus /with la casa fantom

14.03.10 Delmenhorst - Basisstation Industriestraße /with Adolar, Cedarwell, the town of machine

09.03.10 Bremen - Muddys /open stage

25.02.10 Bremen - Zucker /with world is a slaugthery, fallen at last, bury my sacrifice

13.02.10 Bremen - JFH Farge /with Grand Griffon, todo para todos, pflugblatt, drapeta

20.01.10 Bremen - TiK /open stage

10.10.09 Bremen - JFH Farge /with the town of machine, spaceman spiff, RAUCHVERBOT

"two songs" 7" 2014

Side A:
1. L(i)ebe(n)
Side B:
2. Requiem

Buy vinyl directly via us at:
mum says, be polite records


free download

"my heart in your hand" 5-way split 10" 2014

Side A:
1. human hands - aestivate
2. nebraska - furnace head
3. asthenia - 22 lines

Side B:
4. manku kapak - kartenhaus
5. duct hearts - this has taken to long

Buy vinyl directly via us at:
mum says, be polite records

Split with bands from all over the world. The 10" comes with some pages full of thoughts, lyrics and stuff like this. You can find lyrics and inserts here.


Listen here

"...gegen die schwerkraft" LP/Tape 2012

Side A:
1. Zustände
2. Rücksicht
3. Inklusion
4. Let`s Change Our Names
5. Ich meine dich und mich
6. Fliegen

Side B:
7. Persönlichkeit gegen Masse
8. Farbtöne
9. ...und es wurden doch nur leere Worte
10.Ein Moment
11.Don't Know

Buy vinyl directly via us at:
mum says, be polite records

Or via:
Moment Of Collapse
Stereo Dasein
Microsleep Records
The vinyl release comes with a huge booklet with around 60 pages(!) including lyrics, english translations of them and many thoughts and texts about various topics. Also the LP contains a downloadlink so that you also can put the music on your whatever and spread it

You can Listen to the Album here

Tapes are sold out


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splittape with tyran tyran 2011 // sold out
A (manku kapak)
1. Stories the stars told us
2. 34
3. Evita Bellum!

B (tyran tyran)
1.Tape Hiss Horizon
2.Windows of Verdammnis


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demo "vergissmeinnicht" 2010 (made by builtonfriendship rec.)
// sold out

1. Carpe Diem
3. Ende Juli
4. Mêrê ehmeq dibê ez


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hauke henkel/manku kapak split CD 2010 // sold out
1. ways disconnect (hauke henkel)
2. ignorie (manku kapak)
3. komma (hauke henkel)
4. gsss (manku kapak)
5. are senceless (hauke henkel)
6. keine chance (hauke henkel)
7. du hast (hauke henkel)


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